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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 5, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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hand section for the forum. if you have not seen that blue circle, you have not seen anything. meanwhile, keep it here on fox news, number one name in news. bill o'reilly is coming up. we will see you tomorrow night. good night from washington. . bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. [gunfire] >> we're going to tear apart and look at general mcchrystal's input. the president should be presented with options. bill: is there a problem between the military and president obama over afghanistan? afghanistan? a decisionsstill has not been made to send more troops there we will take a look at a troubling situation. >> i understand you have a story to cover. but it's almost like you are glorifying it i'm a crime victim. victim. bill: bill the fbi aaron andrews. did some hotels help the guy? >> it's the late show with david
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letterman. bill: how is the press handling the letterman controversy? bernie goldberg has some thoughts: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama versus the military, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a british newspaper is reporting president obama is angry with afghan commander general stanley mcchrystal, his appointment, for the blunt comments mcchrystal delivered about the war in london. telegraph says general mcchrystal was ordered to meet with the president in copenhagen and told to tone it down. the white house denies any friction at the meeting which lasted about 30 minutes and says the story is basically bogus. the military is playing it close. >> did the president feel that the general was trying to bring pressure on him in public and
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did he tell him not to do that? >> i wasn't at that meeting and this is a one-on-one meeting between the two of them, and i haven't really talked to the president about that. bill: now, doesn't really matter whether president obama is annoyed with general mcchrystal. what's important is the president waged the afghan war effectively. the far left move on outfit is telling its supporters to contact the white house and tell the president to devise an exit strategy. some on the right feel the fight is futile as well. there is pressure on mr. obama. the longer general mcchrystal's request for more troops goes unanswered, the more doubt there will be about the president's vision as commander and chief. after all, he has no experience fighting a war. and equivocation always translates into a weak profile. that being said, it's smart for the president to make a decision that will help the u.s. military in a very complicated theater. but time is growing short and mr. obama needs to make a call soon. talking points believes the nato investment in afghanistan is
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worthwhile. and would send the additional 40,000 troops with a timetable for increased stability if the situation doesn't improve by next spring, for example, then plan b should be impose. what is plan b? i don't know. i have no idea. any pullback though from afghanistan will be spun as a victory for al qaeda and the taliban. that doesn't mean we stay there if the chaos cannot be contained. but it does mean that all measures should be taken before we change tactics, mcchrystal looks like a guy who looks like he knows what he is doing. the president looks like a guy who is unsure. i will go with the general on this one. that's the memo. top story let's bring in general wesley clark from arkansas. are you going with mcchrystal or obama. >> when the commander on the ground says he needs more troops, you better listen. bill: you and i are on the same page on that. >> but. bill: ok. go. >> i think the real issue is what's the mission and then what's the right strategy. i don't think it's wrong for the administration to really do a
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gut check and make sure that we have got the right mission and right strategy. if it were up to me, i would be thinking real hard about osama bin laden. that's the reason we went there in the first place. we didn't get him in the first place. he is not in afghanistan. he is in pakistan. my thesis would be you have got to look at this as -- afpak not separately in afghanistan. you can't win it in afghanistan. you have got to get osama bin laden and al-zawahiri out of pakistan. bill: the afghani army has been doing some separation operations where it should finally. the more important thing isn't the strategy in afghanistan. we will leave that to mcchrystal. let him run the war and give him chance. but the commander and chief now is looking like he is unsure. this is barack obama, i'm talking about. he is looking to the world like he doesn't really know what to do. now, that may not be fair, but it is the perception, is it not?
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>> well, i don't know if it's perception or not because if you think about this, to do a strategic review and that after all the administration has to look at this is an integrated thing. it's not just about the troops on the ground. it's about diplomacy with pakistan. it's about what india is doing in the area. bill: shouldn't they have been doing that all along? what are those guys in the pentagon doing? they are supposed to be fighting a war. >> you have got to pull it all together and to do it, you have got to get the top people involved. bill: general, are you telling me that our enemies in the world feel that barack obama's hesitation going on three weeks now, to send more troops to the theater is a strength play? do you think iran sees obama as a strong guy? i don't. >> well, you know, i don't know what the leaguers privately say about him. but i would say this that if barack obama were to make the decision today to send those 40,000 troops, they wouldn't be there tomorrow. in fact, the last couple of
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brigades from the january reinforcement decision aren't there yet. bill: aren't there yet. but it's the perception of commitment. >> that's right. bill: you are asking other nato countries to step up. look, rangers lead the way. right? army rangers lead the way. ok. who is leading the way in afghanistan? we have to. >> the president is leading the way. bill: he is not right now. >> and the president is. and the president has every right and obligation to get the strategy right. bill: here is what i would do. >> bill. bill: wait, wait. here is what i would do and you tell me why i'm crazy. >> i'm trying to del you what i would do. bill: here, i will tell you what i would do and then you tell me what i you would do. i would say we are going to give general mcchrystal more troops. i wouldn't put a number on it you are right. have you got to evaluate what's going on. where they are going to be. i understand mcchrystal wants them for security in the big city was which absolutely you have to have. i would say to the world we have a commitment. the white house did come out today and say they are not
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withdrawing from afghanistan. the white house said that today very late this afternoon. i would say we are going to send-general mcchrystal some troops. he wants more. is he going to get more. i wouldn't put a number on it yet. that would clear it up and not leave it hanging and dangling. what would you do? >> i would say the same thing that jim jones said. this is not about troops. it's about strategy. got to get the strategy right. then you have got to get the american people behind it before you can go out and get the american people behind it, you have to have reviewed it. when he first put the troop reinforcements in he made the announce the three days after he took office and he didn't have his national security team on. i think we should be comforted by the fact that he is going to take a week of deliberations to work this. bill: i'm not comforted at all. i don't think mcchrystal is comforted either. i don't think any of the generals over there are comforted, general, huh-uh. >> i think mcchrystal understands what's going on. remember, mcchrystal is a nato
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commander. bill: they are not best pals right now. obama is mad at him. you know that? >> i don't think he is mad at him. mcchrystal is a nato commander. that speech he gave in london helps the president build support overseas. bill: here is the poll. send more troops to afghanistan 43% say yes. bring troops home 43% of americans say yes. tied. support u.s. military action in afghanistan? 64% say support it opposed 27%. is president obama doing what it takes to win in afghanistan? 37% say yes. no 50%. so, if obama doesn't hustle it, he is going to lose in the public opinion poll even more than he has, i think. >> you know, there is a lot of similarities to vietnam here. what you find in vietnam is that if you go back and read the record, president johnson got pushed into sending those troops in before he did a proper strategic assessment. and he had public support for a while but when the military kept asking for more and more troops and then we had the offensive that made it look like we hadn't
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done the same job that we said we had done, we really lost public support. so, i think it's not too late to get the public fully behind the policy. got to make sure you have got the right policy. and then you have got to put the pedal to the metal and go after it you cannot succeed in afghanistan alone. you must succeed in pakistan. bill: i agree with that you give the people sanctuaries to keep doing destruction. >> that was the mistake in vietnam. can't do it again. bill: mistake to give them cambodia and louse. thanks. appreciate it. aaron andrews had her privacy grossly violated as you know. the fbi has made an arrest in the case. later, body language takes a look at bill maher and michael moore. quite a pair upcoming.
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some people like to pretend... a flood could never happen to them... and that their homeowners insurance... protects them. it doesn't. stop pretending. it can happen to you. protect your home with flood insurance. call the number on your screen... for your free brochure. bill: impact segment tonight, is reporting that the russians, the iranians, and some in europe believe that
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president obama is a weak leader. but is that fair? joining us now from washington fox news analyst mary cath -- catherine ham and the always dapper juan williams. all right, juan, as i told the general, i think that this decision should have been made already. you have got to assume that the pentagon has an ongoing strategic vision. and to say that well they are reevaluating this or that and not committing makes the president look weak in the eyes of the world. am i wrong? >> yeah. i think there is a problem here in that this time frame is now being elongated and as such people are wondering what exactly what is going on? who is in charge. it invites the situation where earlier some are saying that the president is mad at mcchrystal and he is launching his own p.r. campaign. it's not good. it's not good if you are on the ground and an american soldier to see this kind of division at the top. if you look back historically, bill, you have got to remember someone like a john f. kennedy when he was involved with -- a
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lot of people thought this is a young guy, doesn't know what he is doing. doesn't have a lot of experience. lbj comes on the scene with vietnam. he wants to prove he can be a strong man. in obama's case, he is young. he doesn't have a lot of experience here. bill: he doesn't have any. >> his way of dealing with this is to get everybody in the room and have everybody talk to him. but the danger is -- bill: how long, juan? how much ber advantage is there going to be? you know -- >> -- you have got to make the right decision. as you said in the talking points memo, there is no plan b. what do we do? you set a timetable and then the bad guys know we have a timetable for pulling out. bill: internal timetable. i'm not putting it on the front page of the newspaper. mary katharine, what do you say. >> barack obama is famous lay very good deliberator and not a great decider to use a bush word specific whether i it might be unpopular or the american people might not totally be in support of sending new troops over there he has met with mcchrystal only twice. got his left flank yelling at him for exit strategy.
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he said this is the right war and he was committed to it. this is the right area where conservatives and liberals alike thought he might use this traditional form of strength, american strength and military power to get things done and to follow through on something. seeing that he is hesitating is troublesome to a lot of people. even people who -- like -- bill: we live in a hard world. putin is a guy that is going to basically do what he wants until you smack him. bang. got to smack -- but, obama comes across and i'm not being partisan or unkind or anything like that, juan. obama comes across as a thinker, a thinker, yeah, a deliberator, as mary katharine said, but he doesn't come across as general patton, juan. you know what i'm talking about here? >> yeah. because i have been in the school yard and i know that wimps get picked on by bullies in school yards and the same thing happens in global politics, baby. the same thing.
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bill: am i baby, juan? is that me? am i a baby? [ laughter ] >> but the thing is you see that obama, in terms of being a strong leader, he was able to get people like sarkozy, gordon brown to stand with him, against iran. bill: that was good. >> yeah, that's good. bill: especially sarkozy. sarkozy didn't know why he was there he thought he was there for a restaurant reservation i learned from unnamed source. but let's get back to the serious deal here. you have a commander and chief. all right? now the military, they want to win the war, correct, mary katharine in the american military wants to win the afghan war, just as they won the iraq war. just as once bush gave the surge, they won. the united states won. ok, so now you have got the u.s. military in afghanistan and they want to win. but and they say look, in order for us to win, we need 40,000 more guys and gals. and obama for three weeks goes, hey, i don't know -- i, i -- that's not good.
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>> and the lesson that we can take from iraq is that, in fact, yeah, when american lives are on the line it is important and it was tragic before that it didn't happen to change streargdz and make sure that you are doing things right and do it quickly. he has the opportunity to do this. but as far as obama goes. steve: vietnam is definitely there. because the afghan government is corrupt. >> you are never going to say it's an easy win but, listen. bill: go ahead, juan. >> mary katharine wants to send these 40,000, what happens if the general comes back in three months and says let me have another 50. let me have another 100. bill: then you say it isn't worth it we have 100 there now. you said that's what you need. if you come back with another 40 then you have got to go -- >> -- don't forget the politics here. american people, republicans also, don't necessarily want to send. we want to win, we want to defeat al qaeda. shepard: i'm just talking the military. i'm not talking the public. the military wants to win and their commander and chief -- go ahead, mary katharine. last word. go. >> i'm not saying this is an
11:17 pm
easy winner. just as the head of the army and britain just said, this is a generational war and the -- you know, militant slammist will take this as a great celebration if we don't go forth and try to get this done. >> i agree. you have to weigh the costs against that. bill: good discussion. mary katharine, juan, directly ahead aaron andrews privacy grossly violated. thought fbi has made an arrest in the case. did some hotels help the peeping tom do his dirty work. david goldberg on how the media is treating the david letterman situation. moments away.
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bill: as you may know, espn's
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forecaster erin andrews had her privacy grossly violated when a man spied on her in hotel rooms photographing her without clothing and posting the images on the net. the fbi has arrested 47-year-old michael barrett insurance representative from illinois. is he charged with interstate stalking. this now to analyze former district attorney jeanine pirro host of the program judge janine perot pirro. you are not a real judge though are you. >> yes i was a family judge. bill: i think this guy is a disturbed guy. >> any peeping tom is, a weirdo. >> you would say that anybody who practices spying and stalking people and i'm not saying that with any kind of jocularity, but anybody who does that mentally something is wrong? >> well, yeah, anyone who does that bill, i'm concerned about what the next step is. you know, here is a guy that did the videos and then tried to sell them to ttmz. i suspect that although there is one initial charge, there will be additional charges with this
11:21 pm
accusatory instrument at the end of the day. but i worry about guys like this. a lot of people start this way and then move to the next level. bill: move on to murderer and things like that. finance a federal case because with the guy traveled across state lines to stalk her. >> he used the internet and the crimes actually occurred in milwaukee and the other one occurred in nashville, tennessee. what you have got, could have different prosecutions in each state. at the end of the day it's interstate since he was intending clearly to stalk her, harass her and subject her to embarrassment, i suspect there will be more charges, bill. bill: he could get five years for this kind of thing is that a fair sentence? he doesn't have a record or any kind of beefs with the law prior to this. five years? >> i think in terms of what happened, this was a year-long, as you read the accuse tore instrument it was a year long in terms of his stalking her. i think it deserves more than five. we are just at the beginning of
11:22 pm
these kind of crimes, bill. what you will see in future years there will be more of a movement towards increasing the penalties. if you do it more than one time maybe the penalty should be longer. right now the five years is basically for -- bill: do you think they would give him five years. you would. i don't think he will get more than five. >> no. because he is clean. bill: he didn't do anything before and he is a mental case. the hotels, here is what happened at the hotels, it's interesting. the marriott is in tennessee. >> um-huh. >> the guy figures out that she is going to be staying at the marriott hotel. i'm a friend of erin andrews you can put me next to her and the hotel says yeah. wait, it sounds stupid but customer service, if you ask, look, i want to sit next to somebody on an airplane, it's my friend, they often do that, you know. >> that's scary because when you think about it a hotel room is really a home away from home. the way erin andrews is photographed. she could just as well stayed in times square. they have her naked in her hotel
11:23 pm
room. hotels have to follow some kind of standard. they should not confirm or deny that you are each in the hotel. they should not allow a stranger to call and say i want to be next door to erin andrews. as far as i'm concerned, these hotels are civilly liable for the harassment and stalking that occurred here. bill: if you were ms. andrews's lawyer you would say sue the hotels because they did not protect your privacy. >> not only did they not protect it but they were complicit in violating and invading her policy. bill: they are trying to accommodate their guests. >> but, bill, why is it that you would give a stranger the room number, put them next door in an alcove down the hall. what if he were a sexual pervert? what if he assaulted you her? they would be just as liable. hotels should have a bill of rights for hotel guests that says we are not going to identify that you are even here. we are not going to tell people what floor you are on. bill: most hotels do that. i can't still figure out how this guy got in to alter.
11:24 pm
he was looking through the security peep holes. i can't figure out how the guy got into alter that kind of stuff. >> he had a cylinder and he had some kind of mechanism that pulled out the cylinder and installed a different one so he could literally. bill: isn't that weird. >> it is weird. the guy is a pervert. that's why i'm saying these guys go to the next level. bill: with all the technology we have these days you can do unbelievable things to intrude on somebody else. even in a locked hotel room. >> in a locked hotel room. the concern is it is not just erin andrews in this case. he could have been all over the place. bill: he was all over the place. they got his computer and he has got pictures of other women in there and all of that this guy did this. it was his hobby. >> he was a travelling salesmen. by the way in one of the towns, in nashville he called 17 hotels until he found out which hotel she was staying in. bill: it was milwaukee. >> and that's scary. bill: that's what stalkers do. they are just crazy. all right. so let's recap the thing.
11:25 pm
the fbi are as this guy so it's a federal beef. he faces five you don't think he will get five. >> no. bill: if you were her attorney you would sue both hotels this took place in. >> without a doubt. and if i were erin andrews i would get ahold head of the movement for the rights of individuals who goes into hotels, make sure there are guidelines and bill of rights. bill: tougher standard for guests? >> absolutely. bill: appreciate it good luck in the new season. >> thank you. bill: body language zeros in on michael moore ranting and bill maher attacking sarah palin again. come on. how media is treating the letterman controversy. is the reportage fair and balanced? tĂș@@ttp@@aaaaaaa@a@a
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bill: body language segment tonight, three hot topics beginning with our pal michael moore. >> to the democrats in congress who don't quite get it, i want to offer a personal pledge. i and a lot of other people, have every intention of removing you from congress in the next election if you stand in the way of health care legislation that the people want. [ applause ] that is not a hollow or idol threat. we will come to your districts and we will work against you.
11:29 pm
bill: oh. with us now tanya reiman. i would remind everybody michael moore would not come on the program. even though he has a dopey believe to publicize he is too afraid. this is the same question i will ask about bill maher in a moment. is this just theater for this guy or does he really mean it? >> what i think is that he means it. bill: yeah. >> this comes from the heart. why? because i'm looking for cues of deception which he does not leak. see all this hand wringing? this is normal for him. when he gets in front of the stage he grasps the podium. he fiddles with his fingers and picks his nails. bill: is he nervous. >> is he always nervous when he gives a speech in the beginning of the speech. what i do think when we talk about theatrics. as he needs to, he definitely becomes more impassioned as he goes along. when you talk about is he acting or is he not? i think he definitely feels passionate about this.
11:30 pm
does he add in extra passion to make it come across as more believable? yes. bill: so he a scketting on his beliefs? >> yes, because the reason i say that is in the beginning of the speech he is much more low key and everything is quiet. then he starts to build himself up to this level of he is a little bit louder now. bill: would it be wrong if i slapped him? >> we'll have to let him judge that. bill: you just want -- >> not a big fan, are we? bill: you know, it's an interesting question. i admire his entrepreneurship. i admire his creativity. but there is just something about him, you know. bill maher, roll the tape. >> i keep hearing this talk about death panels. people use the word death panels. we have had death panels. >> that's sarah palin. wait a he could is sarah palin is the one who brought up death panel. and you know what sarah palin -- i have got news for you, honey, if we were going to get rid of useless people, you would be the
11:31 pm
first to know. bill: is this theater playing to his crew or does he really want to get rid of sarah palin? >> oh, no. this is a man -- he is out all the way. what i mean. >> alpha male. he never backs down. so when you are watching, this watch the interaction, leno is kind of leaning back, he is in the ready position, mar, his hands are on his lap. he is ready to go. as this becomes a little bit more of a confrontation, look what he does. leno backs away and bill maher leans forward. bill: what's the finger? >> two people going against one another. one of them is ultimately going to win. it turns out. bill: leno is not giving him jazz. he is just asking him the question. he is not saying you are a pinhead. >> no. absolutely not. i think there are some tension between them. that was definitely the impression that i gotcha there is tension between these two people. in addition to that i never, very rarely and here to solidify that i never see bill maher back
11:32 pm
down from his opinion. i do think he is genuine. i see him where he does the same animated gesture. bill: do the finger again. what does it mean? >> it's a very aggressive movement that says "you will listen to me. my point is right." the difference is who drops the finger first? and it's leno in this situation. bill: so mar is sincere? >> he also does a lot of things. you will see his hands will go in his lap that's something else he typically does. when he does his monologue -- bill: i think mar is probably more sincere than moore. i think mar is bill maher is more theatrical. president obama once again is in a very tough position visa vis iran. roll the tape. >> i think iran is on notice that when we meet with them on october 1st, they are going to have to come clean and they are going to have to make a choice. are they willing to go down the
11:33 pm
path which i think ultimately will lead to greater prosperity and security for iran, or will they continue down a path that is going to lead lot of passion delivered in a very, very tense situation. >> i agree. i'm not sure where his video was giving his words. that may be the reason why he was looking down. looking down at notes. notice, there is a real look of revulsion that crosses his face. that's the only emotion i see. after that he is very dead pan. bill: do you think the revulsion is against iran or the fact that he has to threaten iran. >> i think it's against iran. bill: he just doesn't like them. >> right. one of the things i know also he wasn't as top as he normally is his voice is nowhere near as me melodious as it normally is he didn't seem to be engaging which he normally does. i thought it was definitely off
11:34 pm
for him. bill: i get the feeling that barack obama is not a confrontational guy. and then when he has to deliver a confrontational speech, is he tentative. it's not like me. i am a confrontational guy. >> no. i don't believe it. bill: when i have to go in, i go in hard. i don't go gee i'm going to be confrontational i go what! >> he didn't have the toughness. bill: listen, guys, we are trying to make this come out right and you better pay attention. >> more diplomatic. >> he doesn't like to deliver that kind of message. he doesn't like to deliver the "you better do this" message. >> i think he needs a little more work here. he didn't come across as very strong. bill: if you were the iranian mullahs you wouldn't have been frightened by that. >> he needs more strength. bill: i would have been frightened by bill maher. >> you are right. he was more impassioned. bill: that guy is creavmentz he might do it. tanya reiman, everybody. when we come back, bernie goldberg on the vast right wing
11:35 pm
conspiracy and david letterman. bernie is next. what's our favorite part of honey bunches of oats?
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bill: thanks for staying with us. in the weekdays with bernie statement. roman polanski and the vast right wing conspiracy. let's bring in mr. goldberg. i was at a reunion. talk about it later. but, i got the rundown from the fox shows and we didn't do a lot here on the letterman thing, which i think was a wise decision. this is an unpleasant story. there are two kinds of people in the world, bernie. those who revel in the suffering of other people, those who enjoy that, and those who really say even though it's a sorted situation, we don't like to see people hurt. all right? now, the criminal, the guy, the extortion guy, that's a different story.
11:38 pm
he tried to commit a crime, whatever happens to this guy, halderman happens to him. he got no sympathy from us. so fox news wisely said, you know, we'll report the story but we're not going to revel in the story as some of the others did. so give me a rundown of what the media coverage that you saw about letterman was. >> well, first, let me preface it by saying as you know, bill, i worked at cbs news for 28 years. so i think i understand how people in the so-called mainstream media think about these things. the letterman coverage, and, by the way, along those lines, there is a very simple rule of thumb. very simple. if they like you, they will go easy on you. and if they don't like you, they won't. the letterman was basically, just generally speaking, it was fair and factual. but, look at it this way, because that doesn't tell you about their biases. look at it this way. let's say it wasn't david
11:39 pm
letterman involved in a sex scandal. let's say it was rush limbaugh. do you think they would cover it the same way? they would give that story more ink than hiroshima and nag sack cansacky. they would turn the into a national hero. they treat you one way when they like you but they treat it another way when they don't like you. i think that's an important point. they always make the point and i know these people, bill. again, i worked with them for three decades. they always make the point that all they want is a good story. that's true as far as it goes. they always salivate more when it is a conservative they are going after than when it is one of their own. bill: ok. the newspaper -- the tabloid newspapers heavy coverage, the "new york times" did a little bit on it. but didn't revel in it. i think that if david letterman had been a conservative, i think you are right, that it would have been a lot more into the
11:40 pm
hypocrisy. >> exactly. exactly. bill: this is a difficult question. because conservative americans basically see the world as good and evil, right and wrong. you know, they have what they call values. this is the right way to live, that's the wrong -- nobody can ever live up to it. we are all sinners. nobody could ever live up to it. the liberal world is much more accepting. accepting. >> right. bill: so letterman falls under that liberal banner. >> absolutely. and that's a very good point. as long -- you see, if it's a republican politician who did the same thing, they would get him on the hypocrisy charge. but if you are in the entertainment community and you state no particular values, you don't get accused of hypocrisy. so the media can brush it off or minimize it because you are not a republican who says i have family values and then he is
11:41 pm
running around with his secretary. so, that's -- you know, the left has an advantage in that area. bill: they have a big advantage. here also that dave letterman makes a living skewering people who get in trouble. >> that's hypocrisy. bill: you are a comedian. they write jokes for you. you tell the jokes. are you going to be a perfect person? no. you can't be. nobody can. >> if you go after politicians like eliot spitzer on sex charges, you know, and there are others, i can't think of right now and then you are involved in the same thing. bill: it wasn't the same thing. spitzer was a prostitution beef. the last question is, does this hurt cbs in the sense that now letterman is going to be more constrained in what he can or can't say? >> well, if he, by constrains you mean he won't be able to tell certain kinds of jokes for fear is he going to look like
11:42 pm
hypocrite even though the analogy isn't perfect. maybe. in the long run, i think this has about a zero effect. these things don't matter anymore. bill: his fans are his fans. is he a good entertainer and this, that, and the other thing. >> exactly. bill: roman polanski. american people, i would say 80%, the guy got what he deserved. bring him back. let him serve his punishment for the assault on the 13-year-old girl. but the hollywood community has been very, very vocal in saying let him go, don't bother him and you say what? >> well, i say as roman -- what roman polanski did, to call it disgusting doesn't do justice to the word disgusting. but the reaction -- the reaction from the bozo community in hollywood is unbelievable. 100 people signed a petition demanding that roman polanski be released immediately.
11:43 pm
martin scorecece signed it you can't make this up. woody allen signed it whoopi goldberg says it isn't really rape. the big hollywood mogul big producer calls it a so-called crime. the second disgusting thing is that there is no penalty out in hollywood, a moral cesspool in many respects for supporting a pervert. they will continue to go to their parties. they will continue to give each other big awards. they will continue to be accepted in polite company. they will continue to make millions upon millions for their crummy films and there is no penalty. i just wonder how open-minded these artists would be if it were their 13-year-old daughter who was given drugs and alcohol by a man in his 40's, who then, you know, saying he had sex with her doesn't do it justice who then sodomized her.
11:44 pm
it wonder how liberal they would be then. bill: comes back to the same thing, hollywood does not want any judgments made about anyone. that's what they don't want. >> no, no. not true. they don't want any judgments made about their own. they will make judgments about the right every ten seconds. bill: that's true. finally, i want to get your reaction to bill clinton talking about the right wing conspiracy. roll the tape. >> your wife famously talked about the right wing conspiracy targeting you. did you look at this opposition on the right to president obama? is it still there? >> you bet. sure it is. it's not as strong as it was because america has changed demographically but it's as virulent as it was. they are saying things about him. like when they accused me of murder and all that stuff they did. bill: ok. vast right wing conspiracy. bill clinton, you say? >> i say there is no vast right wing conspiracy. just between you and me and the millions and millions of people watching us, there is no left wing conspiracy either. liberal bias, i have always argued, is not a conspiracy.
11:45 pm
the anchors of the evening newscast and the "new york times" editors and the "boston globe" editors don't have a conference call in the morning and say how could we go left today and make obama look good. but, on the other side, on the right side, the big names in right wing talk radio, they don't have a conference call either. it's just that they -- to determine how can we slam obama today? they just slam him because that's how they think just as that's how the left thinks about going, you know, to the left on stories. it's group think. it's not a conspiracy of any kind. bill: all right. the internet certainly, i mean these people whip around and you hear the same phrases over and over again. >> yeah. but a conspiracy not only implies but the actual definition is, it's got to be surreptitious. bill: it's none of that. >> it's got to be unlawful. there is no conspiracy. it's a bunch of like-minded people on the left. a bunch of like minded people on the right.
11:46 pm
bill: thanks. up next reality check "saturday night live" goes after president obama. are you kidding me? we will show it to you in just a
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
bill: back of the book segment tonight. reality check where we dig for the truth with our bare hands. check one, "saturday night live" actually mocked barack obama. >> on my first day in office i said i would close guantanamo bay. is it closed yet? no. [ laughter ] i said we would be out of iraq. are we? not the last time i checked. >> i said i would make improvements in the war in afghanistan. is it better? no, i think it's actually worse. [ laughter ] >> how about health care reform?
11:49 pm
hell no! but it's not all bad news. i have a few accomplishments. the cash for clunkers program really stimulated the economy. unfortunately, it was the economy of japan. [ laughter ] let's see what else. also, i killed a fly on tv. remember that? [ laughter ] i brought a white police officer and a black professor together for a beer. who else could do that? you are right. oprah. but no one else. bill: check two, starbucks is promoting a new instant coffee by mocking town hall people. >> people who yell at town hall meetings can't taste the difference. >> i can't taste the difference! i can't either! >> can you? introducing starbucks via, see if you can taste a difference next week at starbucks everywhere. bill: kind of whity, but good marketing strategy? maybe in seattle, most other
11:50 pm
places i don't know. check three, chris rock has a take on roman polanski. >> people are defending roman polanski because he made some good movies? are you kidding me? he made good movies 30 years ago ago. come on, even johnnie cochran don't have the nerve to go well did you see o.j. play against new england? bill: check four, here is how the conservative group americans for prosperity reacted when the olympic news broke. >> if anyone cares, chicago is out. [ applause ] >> the very first vote they did not have any chance at even negotiating. they were out on the first vote. [cheers and applause] bill: kind of strange. i believe the olympic games in the u.s.a. would bring some prosperity. i guess i could be wrong.
11:51 pm
check five white house correspondent helen thomas wants government-run health care and wants the president to be stronger on it. >> because he. >> going to fight for it or not? >> we are going to work to get choice and competition into health care reform. >> you are not going to get it. >> well then why do you keep asking me? [ laughter ] >> because i want your conscience to bother you. bill: wow. check six check 6 president carter is 85 years old and may be having memory trouble. >> you said overall you thought the protesters were upset that there was a black president, that there was racism involved. you said that many people. >> by the way, that's not what i said. >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. that he is african-american. bill: so it looks like that is
11:52 pm
what he said. kind of like the barney frank thing. i didn't say that yeah, you did. check seven, the ratings for september are in. the fox news channel had the top 13 programs in cable news. factor number one by a wide margin. in fact, the factor rerun at 11:00 eastern time was number five in the key demo. that's amazing. once again we thank you all. the ratings game is very tough. we work hard but you guys make it happen. finally check eight, my colored tie this evening symbolizes breath cancer awareness month. if you watched the football games i had that the on the cap. also in london england with my powells who attended the university of london with me 40 years ago. we stayed at the dorchester hotel on park lane, a magnificent residence. i always wanted to stay there and it surpassed my expectations. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring charles barkley. don't right back with it.
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bill: "pinheads & patriots," cokie roberts said this -- >> roman polanski is a criminal. he raped and sodomized a child and is a fugitive from justice. as far as i'm concerned, take him out and shoot him.
11:56 pm
bill: we like that straight talk. charles barkley has flirted with the idea of running for governor of alabama. this is what he said last week about voters in that state. >> we just came off the worst president in the history of civilization in george bush and if you didn't vote for barack obama who is a ray of sunshine, they're not going to vote for a black man. bill: pinhead? you make the call. we continue our great promotion on bill o' regarding the no spin mat. these will sell out. you buy one and get lis wiehl's book. are you kidding me? this is great. if you become a premium member you could save hundreds on holiday gift giving because p.m.'s get the best discounts. we have the signed "bold fresh" on the bestseller's list.
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bill: as jesse stated, we called the guy three times. this is about holding bad judges accountable. a dangerous man is walking around missouri and a little girl's life is ruined. think about what is really fair. bill: that's wrong. crimes are far different than poor choices in diet and tobacco.
11:58 pm
boy put it inside. it looks great on a wall. bill: i don't know if that will increase traffic there, father, if you know what i mean. bill: whoa, i appreciate that. bill: excellent, dan. signed copy of "bold fresh" on
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